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Humanity has sent people to the moon and rovers to Mars.

Fungus Hyphae

It might be about time we embark on interstellar travel. Russian philanthropist Yuri Milner, along with board member Stephen Hawking, unveiled a plan on Tuesday to sen How should we start to tackle the Zika virus? For years, I'd been making the case that we should borrow from the games kids love to create new kinds of educatio While people panic about robots taking their jobs over the course of the next few years, the focus should be Reading fiction is an escape, something transportative that pulls you out of everyday life.

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On Thursday night, we held a salon i Thousands of citizens showed up. And while The key: emotional correctness, when people look past their political differences and try to understand what the other is thinking on a human level.

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The tireless Colombian native organized his first TEDx event in and has been going nonstop ever since, working to bring ide Andrew Bastawrous dreams of a bakery in Nakuru, Kenya, that will not only make delicious treats but raise money for subsidized vision care. Robert Simpson envisions First Responders, a program to make satellite data available to citizen scientists in crisis situations, to guide aid efforts from afar. Cesar Harada wants to create larger prototype At the age of twenty-three, Rodrigo Baggio was already a successful entrepreneur when he decided: He needed a change that would make him more fulfilled, not just richer.

Even the As a doctor, Ben Goldacre likes to have all the available facts about a prescription drug before he even thinks about prescribing it. As Goldacre described in this impassioned talk given at TEDMed , there is a bias in medicine towards publishing stud TED Fellow Lars Jan, the director of the multi-disciplinary art lab Early Morning Opera, is seeking everyday personal rituals from collaborators -- perhaps, you?

This public-performance installation -- inspired by humanity's relationship with climate change and flooding -- will be made up of three We'd like to recap here what happened and suggest a way forward. Before we can tackle climate change, financial reform, education reform or, well, anything, there is a single issue that we in the United States must confront. From aspirin to anticoagulants, penicillin to cancer treatments, some of our most important human medicines come from plants. But extracting the medicinal compounds from plants can be complex, costly and unreliable.

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  6. Which is why scientists are trying to brew them instead. Inside the hunt to brew an opioid painkiller from common ingredients such Hours away from a pivotal meeting where the now Liberal Read more. Iceni's Manchester office enjoyed a lively panel discussion by ShelaghLtd, Car Edinburgh Glasgow London Manchester.

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    Create more value, put community partici Regardless of your views on what it is, place Once again, the challenge of balancing the needs of the environment with planning and policy objectives has come to the fore. The issue? The drones are coming? Re-imagining open and play space. There is a new development near me where a playground has been stuck on the end, in an enclosed space, away from line of sight and busy thoroughfares.

    Seemingly an afterthought. It is no won Update on the Draft London Plan: the Ins We have been carefully following the progress of the draft London Plan.