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The Commission avoids divergences in policy alluded to by the Honourable Member by operating on a collegiate basis. The proposal for a free trade agreement between the European Union and Armenia was cancelled after the latter chose the Russian proposal for a Eurasian Customs Union instead.

This is a surprising decision, given the close relations which some EU Member States, including France, maintain with Armenia. What impact will this lack of attractiveness of the European Union have on the European Neighbourhood Policy? How much funding has the European Union granted to Armenia under the neighbourhood policy?

What will the consequences be for trade relations between Member States and Armenia? Ultimately, it is for our partners to decide whether or not to take up this offer. As CU member, Armenia will no longer be legally able to conduct and implement an autonomous trade policy. The people of France are expecting a social explosion.

In a country like France, work goes to foreign posted workers who are cheaper and for whom employers pay minimum wages and social contributions. What decisions do the Council and the Member States which sit on it intend to take in order to offset the negative effects of the Posting of Workers Directive? Malta has the highest number of asylum-seekers as a proportion of its population in Europe, with The principle of solidarity is at the heart of this asylum and immigration policy. What instruments are still available to Member States in order to try to reduce the flow of migrants in their territorial waters?

Malta received the largest number of asylum applicants per capita of all Member States, although the figure of The figure for Malta was 4. The Commission agrees that the principle of solidarity is at the heart of asylum and migration policy. In terms of technical assistance, Malta has benefited from the European Relocation from Malta EUREMA projects that, together with bilateral efforts, have seen more than beneficiaries of international protection relocated from Malta to other EU and Associated States since Such operational support is available for Malta and any other Member States upon their request.

Up to now, Malta has chosen not to host any Frontex joint operation. Ce niveau significatif d'erreur est signe d'une mauvaise gestion. Though the budget has been signed off, significant errors nonetheless remain. This significant error rate is indicative of mismanagement.

Investigación Científica y Tecniligíca

Given the undeniable problems in the management of the budget allocated to it and in view of the comments of the European Court of Auditors, what decisions will the Commission take? Apart from the Court's changes to its methodology, the Commission has identified that the slight year-on-year increase of the figure can be mainly explained by.

The Commission has undertaken to address many of these weaknesses by improving the rules for the financing period. The Court follows an annual approach and does not take into account most of these corrections. The services provided to them include help in preparing the documents needed to register a business, consultancy regarding the planned business profile, support at the stage of selecting the organisational, legal and tax status of the planned business, and issues concerning public contract law and the implementation of innovations.

With the aid of the consultancy services provided by the PK KSU, clients are able to overcome the numerous barriers and problems they face every day as entrepreneurs. The majority of the clients are micro and small businesses.

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The Commission is not in a position to decide on special action to provide enterprises with support from the European Structural and Investment Funds ESIF in the forthcoming programming period. In accordance with the rules of shared management, the Member States are responsible for selecting the projects. When the Polish authorities plan to implement activities to support enterprises in Poland along the lines of PK KSU through the ESIF, the Commission will ask Poland to take account of experience in the effectiveness and efficiency of such measures during the current programming period.

The aim is to achieve better results when programming and implementing EU assistance in the future. How does the Commission explain the unreasonable and contemptuous attitude of Turkey, as an EU accession candidate country, towards the decisions of the ECHR? The EU has repeatedly called on Turkey to strengthen its efforts to fully implement all the judgments of the European Court of Human Rights as part of its international obligations. The Commission raises these issues with the Turkish authorities on all appropriate occasions including in its annual Progress Reports.

However, the Social Protection Committee worked out a list of indicators that underpins the annual assessment of Member States within the framework of the European Semester. The Commission is paying great attention to social developments and to the social impact of measures decided in MS. In programme countries, the Commission has always promoted an equitable sharing of the inevitable adjustment burden. The Commission has supported the development of a new analytical tool, used to assess the distributional impact of taxation reforms called EUROMOD, a harmonised tax-benefit micro-simulation model covering the whole EU.

Ankara has recently signed trade agreements with Iraqi Kurdistan covering oil imports. The Kurds were already supplying Turkey with oil through a pipeline running to the Mediterranean coast, but plans are afoot for the construction of a second pipeline of larger capacity. Washington has voiced similar opposition, pointing out that Iraqi oil exports must secure the unanimous approval of all parties concerned.

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  7. What does the Commission have to say about these Turkish openings towards Iraqi Kurdistan? Does it agree with these actions?

    See a Problem?

    The Commission is following closely relations between Turkey and Iraq. In this context, the recent rapprochement and high level visits between Ankara and Bagdad are a welcome development that could help strengthen regional stability. The EU remains firmly committed to supporting a stable, united and democratic Iraq in which all its constituent parts share in the country's progress.

    The EU raises the internal situation in Iraq with partners in the region, including Turkey, and will continue to underline the importance of Iraq's territorial integrity and national unity in the framework of the EU-Turkey wider political dialogue. With the globalisation and mobility of citizens from various Third World countries to Member States of the European Union, we increasingly often witness problems arising from child abductions by one parent usually the man , who then flees to an Asian or Middle Eastern country, resulting in a loss of contact with the second parent usually the mother.

    In my country Cyprus , there have many complaints by mothers of Cypriot origin about foreign spouses taking children away to their countries of origin Lebanon, Libya, Egypt and elsewhere. These countries have not signed the Hague Convention, and, as a result, it is only through EU and human rights organisations that solutions can be pursued for the children to return to their mothers, who are also their legal guardians. What has it done to date, and what does it intend to do in the immediate future, so that such problems can be addressed?

    What advice does it give to European citizens so that they can claim their inalienable right to exercise legal custody in respect of their children, tackling the phenomenon of abduction and wrongful retention of children by foreign spouses? Are there any mechanisms for solving such problems between EU countries and third countries, and, if so, what are they? Already 90 countries in the world, including all EU Member States, are Parties to this Convention, which gives a clear legal framework in order to deal with sensitive cases involving children.

    However, lacking a common legal framework and when the outcome of mediation is not satisfactory, this kind of dispute can only be dealt with through diplomatic channels. The Honourable Member should be informed that the Commission has no general competence to act in individual cases concerning third countries. Can the Commission provide information on the current status of the trade negotiations with Mercosur, as well as the indicative timeframe for further proposals?

    See a Problem?

    Since the resumption of negotiations in , significant progress has been made with respect to the trade disciplines and rules. However, in order to make further progress towards the conclusion of the negotiation, a new exchange of market access offers the first and last took place in is necessary.

    During , both the Commission and Mercosur have been focusing on the preparation of an exchange of tariff liberalisation offers and this work is being currently finalised. A concrete date for the exchange of offers has not been fixed yet at this stage, pending the finalisation of work on both sides. Betreft: Huidige fijnstofnormen beschermen volksgezondheid en milieu volstrekt onvoldoende.

    Nieuw onderzoek van de Universiteit van Utrecht in Nederland toont aan dat de huidige Europese fijnstofnormen, vooral voor zeer fijne deeltjes PM 2,5 , de volksgezondheid volstrekt onvoldoende beschermen. Het Utrechtse onderzoek is niet het eerste onderzoek dat aantoont dat de huidige normen niet voorkomen dat mensen ziek worden en voortijdig sterven. Te ruime normen en daaruit volgende vuile lucht zorgen voor verlies van levenskwaliteit en daarnaast ook voor hogere ziektekosten.

    Past de Commissie haar beleid aan, als nieuwe onderzoeken aantonen dat de luchtkwaliteit in Europa onvoldoende wordt gewaarborgd of zijn de huidige normen volgens de Commissie het best haalbare? Het Utrechtse onderzoek toont aan dat er significant meer mensen sterven in gebieden waar maar net wordt voldaan aan de maximale, wettelijk toegelaten concentratie PM 2,5 in vergelijking met schonere gebieden.

    Gaat de Commissie specifiek actie ondernemen omtrent de kleine fijnstofdeeltjes PM 2,5 , aangezien steeds vaker wordt aangetoond dat vooral deze gezondheidsproblemen veroorzaken?

    Download e-book From Metaphysics to Rhetoric (Synthese Library)

    Waaruit bestaat dit pakket en wanneer wordt het gepresenteerd? Wat betreft PM2,5 wordt verwacht dat de effecten op de gezondheid daarvan tegen zijn gehalveerd vergeleken met De nieuwe strategie inzake luchtverontreiniging benadrukt ook dat het noodzakelijk is om te blijven streven naar een vermindering van de verontreiniging, en de huidige normen voor luchtkwaliteit te blijven herzien. New research conducted by Utrecht University in the Netherlands highlights that current European particulate standards, especially those for fine particles PM 2.

    The Utrecht study is not the first to highlight that current standards are failing to prevent people getting ill and dying prematurely. Overly lax standards and the resulting unclean air result not only in a lower quality of life, but also in higher healthcare costs. Does the Commission adapt its policy if new studies indicate that air quality in Europe is inadequately guaranteed, or does it think that the current standards are the most feasible?

    The Utrecht study highlights that significantly more people die in areas where the maximum legally permissible PM 2. Is the Commission going to take specific action on small fine particles PM2.

    What does this package entail and when is it being presented? This proposal is an important step to achieve the EU's long-term objective to cut air pollution and secure benefits for the health of citizens. With regard to PM2. The new Air Strategy also emphasises the need to continue mitigation efforts and keep current air quality standards under review. Can the relevant authorities in the Zachodniopomorskie region apply?

    No cross-border project has been included into the CEF annex. Am Which side instigated the closure? Does the Commission know the reasons for the closure of the aforementioned border crossing, and if so, what reasons were given? Does the Commission know what impact the closure of the aforementioned border crossing is having on the Bosnian side? It became a BCP for international road traffic of passengers.

    The international road traffic of goods is no longer allowed.

    Aeronautics astronautics

    The interests of BaH were taken into account during a two years process facilitated by the Commission, which led to the above agreement. Legal proceedings which have been ongoing for a number of years at national level could already have been completed and brought to court by now. In the light of the EU-wide fight against money laundering, corruption and white collar crime, does the Commission think that the judicial assessment of the legal investigations against Rakhat Aliyev at national level could be accelerated if EU bodies such as Eurojust and Europol were consulted?

    Is the Commission monitoring the current status of national investigations against Rakhat Aliyev? The Commission is aware, through media reports, of the investigations conducted against Rakhat Aliyev, notably related to money laundering. Member States' legislation still differs significantly when it comes to the definition of money laundering and to the level of criminal sanctions for this offence.

    The Commission is currently considering proposing changes to the existing legal framework on Anti-Money laundering. While the Commission follows developments in Member States in general terms and looks into how cooperation is functioning in cross-border cases in practice, the Commission is not monitoring individual investigations.

    Verfahren eingeleitet werden. What measures are being taken to ensure that Member States enforce ETS regulations in the aviation sector?