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A new fan theory has been gaining a lot of traction in the Game of Thrones offseason that suggests that not only is Littlefinger still alive explained in much greater detail by YouTuber Fire and Blood but also that he faked his death-by-Arya with a Faceless Man. Littlefinger even mentioned in the past that he knew who the Faceless Men were, when very few characters on the show actually know about them.

He definitely knew more about the Faceless Men than he let on.

With enough time to enact his own scheme to save his life, he could have brought a Faceless Man to Winterfell to take his place and be murdered, thus allowing him to make a secret getaway. And if Littlefinger is still alive in Season 8, that means even more trouble is coming.

If this theory is wrong, Littlefinger will definitely be missed on Game of Thrones , but only because he was such a perfect villain to hate. If he's alive, there's a chance he could test that bond and their ability to stick together all the way through the final season, which isn't ideal. But let's just consider the fact that his death scene was a moment seven seasons in the making, and a fitting end to one of the most scheming, manipulative characters in the history of TV.

A third way is nutrients. So, in order for the forest to continue to function, nutrients need to come in from elsewhere. Surprisingly, the input of nutrients comes from one of the driest places in the world: the North African Sahara desert. Satellite photographs show this dust plume traveling at high altitude across the Atlantic, and some of this material falls out over the Amazon, bringing with it, for example, phosphorus, an essential plant nutrient that helps the rainforest system function.

A Murderer Died While Serving a Life Sentence. Now He's Alive Again, And He Wants Out

In his book, Juniper cites several success stories — places where sustaining the forest has led to economic and environmental benefits. So has the country's per capita GDP [gross domestic product]. And this was through the realization, literally, by the finance ministry in that country 30 years ago, that the forest was worth more for the nation alive than dead.

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Are Viruses Alive?

Keep one half-box in your laboratory, and put the other one on a rocket which takes it to Mars. Still, according to Bohr, there is a chance of the electron popping up in the box in the lab or the one on Mars. Now open the box in your lab. But either way, the wave function has collapsed. If your box is empty, the electron is on Mars; if you have the electron, the other box is empty. This wave passes through however many holes are open, interfering with itself or not as appropriate, and arrives at the detector as a pattern of probabilities, higher in some places and lower in others, spread across the screen.

The electron travels as a wave but arrives as a particle. The wave, however, carries more than just probabilities. This works as a method of calculating quantum behaviour, as if things like electrons really did behave like this. But it also poses many puzzles.

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He started from the fact that when photons are red one at a time through the experiment with two holes they still build up an interference pattern on the detector screen. But according to the CI, if a device is placed between the two holes and the detector screen to monitor which hole the photon goes through, the interference pattern will vanish, showing that each photon really did go through just one of the holes. Of course, human reactions are not fast enough to do this.

But experiments have been carried out with automatic monitoring devices to do exactly this, switching the monitors on or off after the photons have passed the holes.

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They show that the interference pattern does indeed disappear when the photons are monitored, meaning that each photon or the probability wave only goes through one hole — even though the decision to monitor the photon was made only after it had passed the holes.

Wheeler pointed out that you can imagine a similar experiment on a literally cosmic scale.

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In a phenomenon known as gravitational lensing, light from a distant object, such as a quasar, is focused by the gravity of an intervening object, such as a galaxy, so that it follows two or more paths around the gravitational lens. This makes two images of the object in detectors here on Earth. In principle, instead of making those two images it would be possible to merge the light coming different ways around the gravitational lens to make an interference pattern, caused by waves going both ways round the lens. A cosmic version of the experiment with two holes. But then we could monitor the photons before they get a chance to make the interference pattern to see which way round the lens they have come.

In that case, according to the results of the laboratory-scale experiments, the interference pattern would disappear. The quasar might be 10 billion light years away, the galaxy acting as a gravitational lens might be 5 billion light years away. But according to everything we know from experiment, what the photons were doing billions of years ago and billions of light years away is affected by what we choose to measure here and now.

Dead and alive: why it's time to rethink quantum physics - BBC Science Focus Magazine

What is going on? Not so wonderful, then.

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In essence, the Copenhagen Interpretation says that a quantum entity does not have a certain property — any property — until it is measured. Which raises all kinds of questions about what constitutes a measurement. Does human intelligence have to be involved? Is the Moon there if nobody is looking at it? Does the Universe only exist because human beings are intelligent enough to notice it? Or does the interaction of a quantum entity with a detector count as a measurement? Updating his example, imagine that a detector in the room measures the spin of the electron.

If it is up, the device is triggered and the cat dies. If it is down, the cat is safe. The electron is in a superposition of states before it is measured. But there is nobody in the room to see what happens when the detector is triggered. So does the wave function collapse, or not? Is the cat also in a superposition of states, both dead and alive, until someone opens the door of the room to look in? That is their privilege. The capsules are connected by a tube, and in the middle of the tube there is a box which contains a single electron.