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Up to 32, units on the battlefield!

‘Cossacks’, Wassily Kandinsky, | Tate

Classical gameplay. Real-time strategy with construction, production of resources, and the development tree. Naval battles, influence of the landscape and the realistic physics provides the player with a vast number of tactical moves. Breathtaking battles for up to 8 players on the map. Possibility to unite into teams or to play against the computer. Flexible customization of random maps with selection of the desired landscape. Game features: Breathtaking historical real-time strategy. Five singleplayer historical campaigns.

Grandiose battles of up to 32, units on the map. Realistic physics of bullets and cannonballs.

The Battle of Konotop 1659

Considerable influence of the landscape on battle tactics. Infinite variations of battles with computer enemies on random maps. Flexible generator of random maps with selection of a preferable landscape. Contact for the press pr gsc-game. All rights reserved. Site developed and supported by Mirocorp. The Cossack regiments in Ukraine served administrative purposes, besides military, and had constant demand for able administrators, educated diplomats and scribes.

Jews could fulfill those tasks because of their level of literacy and command of several languages. Piasaczinski replied that the Cossacks were not subjects of the king of Poland, and that he therefore could not be held responsible for the "acts of uncontrollable rovers of the desert that were apostates from all faiths, Poles, Muscovites, Wallachians , Turks , Tatars , Jews, etc. The deposition of Berakha's fellow-cossack "Joseph son of Moses" in the rabbinical court-case of Berakha's widow's permission to remarry states that there were at least 11 Jews in the cossack ranks of the Sahaidachny army in the battle in whick Berakha was killed.

Karaimovich is presumed to be born a Karaim a Turkic ethnic group adherent to Karaite Judaism. His children and property were seized by the qahal , and he had to apply to king Sigismund III for assistance in restitution of his children and property.

His quest was successful, and his children joined him. In the s a cache containing a large number of documents written in Hebrew and Ukrainian written in Hebrew script was found by the historian and linguist Saul Borovoy ru in the archives of the Zaporozhian Sich. Kept at the State Archive in Moscow since the razing of the Sich by General Peter Tekeli in , the documents dealt with foreign and fiscal policies of the Sich, and evidenced not only the presence of presumably converted Jews in the upper stratum of the Cossack society at least 4 are mentioned by name in the Borovoy dissertation , but also in the regiments as well.

Why Are Cossacks Key to Understanding the Ukrainian Nation?

The Sich Archive became the basis of Borovoy's tripartite doctoral dissertation. Borovoy could not return to this subject in the post-War anti-semitic climate in Soviet Union , and the 3rd part of his dissertation was never printed and the typographic 'formes' already assembled were destroyed. Borovoy's articles on the subject first came under attack from the anti-semitic circles in Soviet academia, because his research refuted the label of cowardice and timidity commonly applied to the Jews by the anti-semites.

Borovoy demonstrated that Jewish society in Poland became polarized due to a large stratum of destitute Jews that were marginalized by the Qahal, and these Jews were likely to lapse and seek their fortunes with the Cossacks. Later Borovoy was criticized by some Jewish circles unwilling to admit the class-related antagonism that made possible Jewish presence on the Cossacks' side. There are many known instances of Jews joining Cossacks in the era that preceded the Destruction of Sich in One notable case is Simon Chernyavsky who was baptised at the Sich in Moisey Gorlinsky served the Sich as an interpreter, and Ivan Kovalevsky who was already baptised prior to his arrival at the Sich reached the rank of a colonel.

Some Jews joined cossacks as teenage fortune seekers, one such was Vasyl Perekhryst, son of Aizik, who joined the Host in Another Jew received exactly the same surname in baptism at the Sich two years later. Ivan Perekhryst was abducted with his entire heder class during a Cossack raid in Yakov Kryzhanovsky became a Cossack before , he also served as a deacon at the Sich church.

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He was literate in many languages, and distinguished himself under the command of Petro Kalnyshevsky during the Russo-Turkish War of In the ancient epics known as dumy sung by the Ukrainian kobzari there is a reference made to a colonel named Matviy Borokhovych , whose family name meaning "son of Baruch" indicates Jewish origin. Susanna Luber's study of registration books of the Registered Cossacks contain many surnames that indicate Jewish origin.

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In December , Prince Potemkin , Catherine the Great 's favourite and minister, founded a regiment of Jewish Cossacks for the purpose of liberating Jerusalem —the culmination of his philo-Semitism. The first partition of Poland in brought large numbers of Jews into the Russian empire. Catherine granted Potemkin a huge estate, named Krichev , in the newly acquired lands.

EXPERT vs EXPERT - Cossacks 3 (4K Gameplay)

Potemkin thus came into contact with Jews for the first time. Potemkin was embarking on the task of populating the empty southern steppes around the Black Sea with settlers, and he immediately tried to attract Jews from both Poland and the Mediterranean to his new settlements, in particular those Jews that were active in viticulture. He resettled these Jews in empty smallholdings left by the Zaporozhians. He also gathered around him a coterie of rabbis with whom he would discuss theology.

One in particular, Joshua Zeitlin , a wealthy merchant and scholar, became his close friend.