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Freedom of Choice - Mind Field (Ep 5)

While the primary emphasis is on application, essential underlying theoretical concepts will also be discussed. During the course you will have the opportunity to work on a decision problem which you select yourself. Many students use the course as a way to start writing a paper on a decision model in the field of their interest.

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Clinical researchers, clinical epidemiologists, decision scientists, public health researchers, those in health technology assessment or value-based healthcare. Participants should have basic knowledge of decision modeling to obtain benefit from this course. Please note that the reduction on fees for alumni does not apply to the Erasmus Summer Programme.

Course days Monday to Friday 5 full days , final assignment due one week after the course. Faculty Prof. Disciplines Clinical Epidemiology. Application How to apply.

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Downloads Research Themes Detailed information about this course: Description This course deals with intermediate- to advanced level topics in the field of medical decision making. By using this site you agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

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Learn more. The Committed Portfolio Selection Decision Schedule field shows the result of a resource constraint analysis on a project. You can save multiple Portfolio Selection Scenarios, including various models for project dates and hiring methods and values, for further analysis.

Force Field Analysis

After a resource constraint Portfolio Selection Scenario is committed, the selection decision for each project is saved in the Committed Portfolio Selection Decision Schedule field for each project. The commitment decision is shown as Selected, Unselected, Forced-in, or Forced-out.

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There might an additional custom value for a Forced-in or Forced-out decision based on a custom lookup table that lists reasons for a Forced-in or Forced-out decision. You can add the Committed Portfolio Selection Decision Schedule field to Project Center views, reports, and project field Web Parts for review by project and portfolio stakeholders. By doing this, you and others on the team can see the commitment decision that was made as a result of the resource analysis.