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They're the way they are because that's the only way to attach them as triplets. Smaller hands will need to play the third note with the right hand but must match the sound of the notes played by the left hand. It is fine to do it either way.

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The important part is to give correct time and accent to the bass - in bars , the bass is slightly detached and should most definitely be sounded above the triplets. This changes radically in bars , where the bass note is a quarter note, and needs to be held throughout - if you do not split the triplets up between the hand, this can be a bit of a pain and can lead to over-pedalling, which, in my humble opinion, makes this piece too mushy.

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Regardless of how you finger the middle voice, you should practice the voices separately to cement in your mind how they sound. Even better, try playing the soprano and bass and humming the triplets, and then playing the triplets and humming the soprano, and then bass. As to your question of why some of the triplets are written in the treble, this is simply to avoid unnecessary ledger lines, I believe. We sat down with Jeffrey A. Based on the acquaintances he made during a year career as Associate Dean for International Relations at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Sheehan presents profiles of 21 people from 21 countries.

Our very own CEO and Founder, Durreen Shahnaz , is one of these 21 people that the book features, with a dedicated chapter talking about the work IIX has done and achieved through the decade of impact investing since it was first coined in Your book opens up with reflections on humanity, the journey of relating to each other in a way where difference is valued, and the potential for people to work cooperatively for a better future. What motivated you to write about this topic now, and why did you choose to focus on 21 individuals—leaders, heroes, originators, innovators, amplifiers, igniters—as the window to a better future?

My book was a lifetime in the making. It is a summary of all that I have learned in my first 71 years, combined with an impassioned plea for understanding and compassion. I am an optimist and an idealist, despite all the pain, agony, hatred, bigotry, and misery that has afflicted my fellow humans. Some people who have read my book think I am naive, or worse. But I agree with Cervantes, who wrote that true madness is seeing life as it is and not as it should be. I chose to write about these 21 people out of the many thousands of people I have met because they all share my values and my beliefs.

Durreen is a perfect example. She has broken new ground in many different areas that most people felt were impossible to change.

She is a perfectly sane person in a world full of madness. She and I will work together, along with kindred spirits, to change the world, one person at a time if necessary. In looking at the range of leaders and organizations discussed in your book, you discuss six distinct groups of leaders— 1 Those devoted to the commonweal; 2 Compassionate capitalists; 3 Stewards, not of their own wealth; 4 Long Legacy of Echo; 5 Breaking with Tradition.

From foreign Lands and People, Op. 15 No. 1

What are some of the common characteristics that you find across these categories that hold the greatest potential for our shared future? My heroines and heroes share many characteristics, but I chose to focus on thirteen. I chose these thirteen characteristics deliberately to avoid politics, current affairs, business, and other matters that I consider superficial, like hair color or dietary preferences.

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