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Check out a few of our favorite binge-worthy streaming series. See the full gallery. Title: Mystery of the Black Jungle When violent conflict breaks out between greedy railroaders and a tribe of Mescalero Apaches, only two men, destined to be blood brothers, can prevent all-out war: chief's son Winnetou and German engineer Old Shatterhand.

This jungle adventure is set in India and concerns a mysterious idol Frontier drama about two gold prospectors who hope to strike it rich in the mines of Nevada. Enrico di Ventimiglia, the Son of the Red Corsair, travels through the Spanish conquests of Central America in search of the stepsister he has never met. As Jane and the local tribeswomen are abducted one by one by the wild Lionians, Tarzan attempts to persuade their prince to accept a potent medicament for his ailing men, while the girls face certain death. Can Tarzan set them free? A small-time gambler on the run from the law, hides in his ex-wife's house, accidentally kills a drunken detective during a fight and uses his ex-wife as a hostage during the final shootout with the LAPD.

Army Military Academy at West Point. A group of religious fanatics in India, the Tughs, prey upon Europeans and natives alike, capturing and offering them up in sacrifice to their frightful goddess, Kali. The Governor of the Province sends Tremal Naik, a famous Indian hunter,on an expedition to end the savagery. He is accompanied by Major Kennedy and Major Maffertis, the latter with a personal reason for wanting to destroy the Tughs and their sinister leader, Siodana.

Maffertis, once stationed in the district with his family, is certain that his small daughter was a victim of the cult, but he has no proof and has not heard anything of her since her disappearance years ago. Tremal also has his own troupe made up of his faithful companions Kammamuri, Aghur and Urti, and his famed tiger Darma. Later, Tremal sees and falls in love with the white girl the Tughs hold captive, but she begs him to forget her and warns him of the danger to both of them if he tries to penetrate the mystery surrounding the large banyan tree where I hope so.

THIS version, which clearly was shot in color and then developed in black and white,looks flat and has poor contrast. And there is intrusive narration telling us the plot throughout. I don't know if this was in the original, or was added to keep the amount of dubbing down, with scenes of Italian expository dialogue simply cut out of this version and never dubbed. What dubbing there is seems minimal and flat, as many early 50s films seem to be. Lex Barker looks handsome throughout, although with the turban he's wearing, only his face visible through much of the film.

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Trailers and Videos. America by Giuseppe Compagnoni, and the Italian editions of the two principal travel magazines of the time, Il giro del mondo and the Giornale illustrato dei viaggi e delle avventure. Other important sources as they appear in a list handwritten by the author are the Histoire des plantes and La vie et les moeurs des animaux by Louis-Guillaume Figuier which appeared in Italy in and respectively. A Darwinist nature blindly hits the heroes and their enemies, often the latter more than the former, thus rescuing the protagonists and the writer from dangerous cul-de-sacs in the plot.

The progress of civilization which is the deus-ex-machina of every cycle is lived however in a pessimistic way: the British conquests of India and Malaya though bringing technological civilization destroy or make useless male virtues such as courage, honor and generosity. Miscegenation however brings bereavement and misfortune, feuds and bloody vengeance ending with the death of all, or almost all the characters except the hero.

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Negative characters are often a racial abomination such as The King of Crabs in The Queen of the Golden Field 1 who is an African-Chinese mulatto, which is the farthest mixture from a European standpoint. La sua taglia era graziosa e di forme superbamente eleganti.

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She was graceful and her figure superbly elegant. Minnehaha … Era una bella donna di venticinque o ventisei anni, alta slanciata, coi capelli e gli occhi nerissimi, i lineamenti energici, e la pelle solo leggermente bruna, con delle indefinibili sfumature rossastre. The Native American characters, while burdened with every kind of stereotypes, show a dimension of Greek tragedy so Minnehaha the wild Indian woman with her traits of a sadistic virago is reminiscent of the ferocity of Electra, Clytemnestra, Phaedra and Medea.

These heroines are justified by the price of blood and revenge in a family saga more appropriate to a Corsican or Calabrian setting than in than of the great prairies. Lord Wilmore may be considered an emblematic character; he is one of the protagonists of the cycle of the West and embodies the stubborn arrogance of the stereotypical spleenful English lord.

Captain Macpherson, moreover, in the Mysteries of the Black Jungle is willing to torture his Thug prisoners to gain his ends and take his revenge.

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The reason why Salgari is acrimonious about the British is easy to understand if we remember the period when his novels are published. This imperialist policy, similar to that of Germany and the United States, shows the alliances born during the Risorgimento 4 reversed: England and France are no more the allied powers which, with their cannons permitted the creation of the Italian nation-state, but the main obstacles to its colonial expansion. The Libyan war broke out in , when he committed suicide, though there is apparently no connection between the two events.

In fact, he shows neither the philological research of colonial officials like Kipling, neither the hard criticism of imperialism of Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Sometimes they are fanatic barbarian nationalists who will be exterminated by the bearers of civilization:. That woman goddess Kali represents Hindu freedom and the destruction of our white skinned oppressors. May be because they strangle? Most terms are, of course, careless: Spanish and English words are mixed up with indigenous ones written with a mangled spelling in order to create exotic sounds.

These foreign words, often learnt by heart and therefore, inopportunely and differently spelled in the same story contribute either creating an alien wild atmosphere because savage peoples have uneducated languages or giving the tale a varnish of scientific truth a sensation which is enriched also by numerous historical background digressions though often indulging to the Grand Guignol.

Native women on the contrary often win men and animals on points.

Mysteries of the Indian Jungle – Emilio Salgari’s Orientalist adventures

Quale colpa hanno? They represent goddess Kali. Voi sapete la repulsione istintiva che proviamo tutti noi uomini bianchi per la razza rossa.. It is possible that Salgari influenced by the news in the illustrated magazines had been impressed by the deeds of the suffragettes of his period the English ones were particularly militant and in some way depicted these modern 'warrior women' in the fierce, strong heroines of his novels.

This ambiguous contradictory writer however paid homage to those characters who defeated knew how to die with honor and wild passion: Salgari in fact especially admired the supermen the Wagnerian heroes of a colonial Ragnarock. In some ways Salgari was faithful to the popular feelings of the Italian petit bourgeois, especially those low rank civil servants of whom there were many within the Italian bureaucracy afraid of any change or novelty which might jeopardize their precarious well-being.

Yet those Catholic Philistines childishly dreamed of faraway lands, heroic adventures, powerful feelings and exotic encounters with sexually unrestrained savage women and strange peoples that confirmed by means of their wildness the civilizing western values. This policy disintegrated the political groups which had fought in the Risorgimento and promoted laws such as compulsory elementary education, abolition of the tax on flour, widened franchise and saw the birth of the Triple Alliance with Prussia and the ex enemy, the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

This alliance was to support the colonial expansion of the Reign of Italy. Among the most important politicians of the period is Francesco Crispi, ex Garibaldine, then a monarchic conservative, who was Prime Minister from to As an admirer of Bismark, he used an iron fist in the social conflicts, caused by the birth of the industry, emigration, the birth of the Trade Unions and the Socialist Party, and the beginning of expansion to Africa. Giolitti, convinced that armed repression was bad for the interests of the northern, progressive, industrial middle class that had given him the power, favored the development of parties and trade unions and widened franchise with the electoral reform of This break laid the basis for the conquest of Libya and, later, the entering of Italy into the First World War, to which he was opposed.

The defeat closed a period of history.