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More filters. Sort order. Jun 26, Maria rated it it was amazing. Despite being self-published this a good book. It's a fairly quick read and it leaves the reader with a good impression of a respectable adult who chose to use marijuana responsibly for over 30 years. I wish there were more books on this same topic: real life stories of people who use marijuana.

Behi rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Leah marked it as to-read Oct 16, Jacob marked it as to-read Mar 06, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Ruth Bergner.

Ruth Bergner. This can give us a more compassionate view towards the medical benefits of cannabis, as well as righteous indignation about the laws that prevent relief in our loved ones. The pot just frightened her too much.

Kamala Harris says she listened to Snoop and Tupac while smoking pot in college

Mavis Becker, a Vancouverite in her 60s, told CTV in that she has a lot of stress caring for her year-old father who suffers from dementia. When she gets wound up, Mavis rolls herself a joint. Nayak attributed her longevity to her daily use of marijuana. Visit www. Exhibitions included glassware, edibles and state of the art grow products….

What is Depression?

Check out our photos from the event…. Opening another supermarket is likely to merely shift customers from one spot to the other with no net job creation. Cannabis retail is new and will result in a net job gain.

Guidelines to Visiting Parents

How is it shifting to another? Were not closing one store and opening another. Sarnias population is stagnant, which means that consumers going to a new supermarket won't go to their "old supermarket" to buy something. The amount of consumers buying groceries doesn't increase.

Introducing a new product cannabis in this case attracts consumers as long as they have disposable income. They have a certain amount they can spend, and if they decide to buy canabis, then that will take away from something else they would have bought at another store. Ebonn about 1 year ago. Show Replies 30 Hide Replies Kathleen Stinson about 1 year ago. Have you ever been in one? They are usually quite stunningly decorated and well appointed , not like the bing stores of the s.

It doesnt matter if the inside looks like the Taj Mahal. If it says onnthe outside its a store to buy Weed it is an eye sore. Show Replies 21 Hide Replies Why is it any different than a store that displays alcohol or beer. Give your head a shake. We are talking about privately owned stores that will pop up all over the city. The license to operate is incredibly expensive. I think you need to educate yourself on types and strains of cannabis. I work for a huge corporation that deals with licenses on a daily basis. I know how things operate. You say you know how things operate, which is about as broad of a statement as possible without providing any evidence, but yet you advocate for banning tobacco sales while permitting liquor sales.

I assume from your comments that you don't smoke but that you consume alcohol- that doesn't mean that your standards have to be imposed on everyone around you. Your employer deals with licenses, what kind of licenses are you talking about?

On Mothers & Marijuana: 7 Celebrities Talk About Smoking While Parenting

This is absolutely not true, there will be a limit on how many licenses will be issued by the government, therefore, not just anyone will able to open a marijuana shop, legally that is. Even 1 store, will make it look worse than it does now. I disagree, I anticipate stores looking very similiar to a GNC store. Ya maybe if they keep it government run, like liquour stores.

But if they allow every person to open up Derricks Doobie shop then it will look like trash.

Smoking weed during pregnancy : Treeparents

SarniaNeedsWeed about 1 year ago. Jenny Schneider about 1 year ago. I never said the city is trashy. I said these types of stores make a city look trashy. We have enough places, and if we add anymore it will be worse. Daniel Falconer about 1 year ago. Stephen Barry White about 1 year ago.

Listening to you I can tell that you dont even realize the amount of people that already smoke weed in this town, just everyday people, not all sleazy hoods like your attempting to make it look like Morgan about 1 year ago.

If there is a market for it, there should be a store to sell it. The only thing making the city look like trash are some of these close-minded, archaic opinions. Forbsy44 about 1 year ago.

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Paul, we can all see you are strongly against that and is your right to your opinion. On the day that weed became legal did you see any of the media coverage? All, of the stores look similar to a Bell or Roger's store. With the City taking the lead on this they can also restrict store front signage so doesn't look like a dump or just say "get high here". Also, if it is legal now it is going to be sold in other Cities and citizen who wish to use it will be buying it anyway so they might as permit it with certain restrictions.

Rich Bachorz about 1 year ago. I guess almost every city in Canada is going to be trashy now Paul. There are far worse things that make Sarnia look not the greatest How about chemical valley! I can't even believe this topic is up for conversation. Of course there should be retail stores open. There should be as many as the market can support.

This is the future. Except it and embrace it. Aj about 1 year ago.