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Wine was part of the sacrifices offered to God. Priests were not to drink wine when performing their duties. Wine was to be enjoyed at the Feast. Wine is prophesied to be taken by Christ and His bride in the Kingdom. Wine making does not require adding yeast.

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Minute amounts are on the skin of grapes and are present in the air. Grapes in Israel are harvested around the time of the Feast of Tabernacles each year. Fresh grapes and grape juice spoil if not used rather quickly. Passover occurs approximately six months after grapes are harvested. Wine was part of the daily sacrifice, throughout the entire year.

Newly made wine age over time and can last a year or so before eventually turning into vinegar.

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Here is some information about those two Hebrew words that some use to argue about wine vs. People dispute those metaphors in speculating whether or not wine was being used.

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The bread and wine Jesus used for the Passover were part of the Sinai Covenant Passover meal they had shared in advance of His instituting the New Covenant Passover on the night He was betrayed Luke , The cup and its contents were associated with that meal Luke He later used them as a New Covenant Passover symbol Luke As with the meal of Jesus and the disciples, the beverage being used during the Corinthian meal appears the same as that used for their Passover service.

When taken in excess it was making people drunk, which indicates it was wine with alcoholic content. I hope this information might be helpful in explaining why we use wine as a symbol during the New Covenant Passover service. But besides this common Hebrew word, there are several others which are thus rendered. The power of intoxication is ascribed to it. It is sometimes distinguished from wine, c.

In addition to wine the Hebrews also made use of what they called debash , which was obtained by boiling down wine to one-half or one-third of its original bulk. Our Lord miraculously supplied wine at the marriage feast in Cana of Galilee John The Rechabites were forbidden the use of wine Jeremiah The Nazarites also were to abstain from its use during the period of their vow Numbers ; and those who were dedicated as Nazarites from their birth were perpetually to abstain from it Judges Judges ; Luke ; The priests, too, were forbidden the use of wine and strong drink when engaged in their sacred functions Leviticus Leviticus When it is drunk, water is generally mixed with it, and this was the custom in the days of Christ also.

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The sin of drunkenness, however, must have been not uncommon in the olden times, for it is mentioned either metaphorically or literally more than seventy times in the Bible. A drink-offering of wine was presented with the daily sacrifice Exodus Exodus , and also with the offering of the first-fruits Leviticus , and with various other sacrifices Numbers Numbers Numbers Wine was used at the celebration of the Passover.

Several emphatic warnings are given in the New Testament against excess in the use of wine Luke ; Romans ; Ephesians ; 1 Timothy ; Titus These dictionary topics are from M. Easton M. Public Domain, copy freely. Bible Study Tools.

Could you summarize it for me? It was man who invented the fermentation process. The toxic effect of alcohol impairs judgment. My reference to grape juice consumption simply pertains to it being high glycemic very concentrated fruit and therefore hindering concentration.

God apparently preferred the most consecrated Jews to drink pure water in order to best promote mental clarity and wise decision making.

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The same was true in the NT scriptures — and ultimately to this very day. The exception, of course, would be in Communion services, when the red juice represents the blood of Christ. All in all, born again, mature followers of Jesus should avoid known toxic substances and minimize sugar intake for the most productive lives of Christian service. Please see my personal blog for much more of my ideology. This sounds like encouragement, not discouragement. In my article I talk about the nuances of the wisdom of abstaining from wine altogether: what did you find so disagreeable? In the passage and chapter to which you referred, Almighty God was giving general instructions to the nation of Israel concerning places to settle and diet allowances.

The segment of Levites, however, were regarded differently and held to higher standards of conduct. In the present day, we have seen the destruction of many lives because of this substance — alcohol. Personally, I can unreservedly attest to the wiser choice of abstinence in illustrating with my very own family. Among them, there have been multiple incidents of physical abuse, driving mishaps, liver disease, early dementia, and so on. The other side has held the view that alcohol should never be consumed. Not surprisingly, they have had a much more peaceful, safe, and healthy legacy.

The bottom line is that we, as believers in Christ must pursue what is of utmost purity and nobleness — rejecting any thought, word, or deed that could potentially hinder our productivity or taint our character witness. May we at this point commit these matters to prayer. The LORD bless and keep you! As I say in my article, I agree there are many examples of people in the Scriptures who abstained from alcohol altogether for specific reasons. I agree with you that alcoholism is an ugly thing. As I say in my article, there are many reasons why Christians would wisely abstain from alcohol.

But as Christians we need to be careful not to turn personal wisdom issues into moral issues. Just because it is wise for you or someone else to abstain from alcohol in a specific circumstance or throughout your life does not mean it is immoral for other Christians to not follow your lead. Given all the positive things the Scriptures say about alcoholic consumption, we want to be careful to not forbid what God allows.

To put it shortly, much of our Protestant heritage provides us with condemnation, legalism and shame. Then the Greek heritage teaches us to separate everything in life. To evaluate each subject on its own on a one dimensional scale, and then take each issue to an extreme on that scale. While the Hebraic embraces our whole nature and reality; time, change and direction. Ofcourse the Greek is static and dead. And the Hebrew is dynamic and alive! Even the Puritans in America were known for beer brewing. You did a good job of presenting a simplistic pro wine argument. Highly recommended that readers do not take your article as a basis to indulge.

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I gave 2 examples. Add to that, like with any Biblical teaching, we must consider who was being addressed and what the cultural considerations were at that time in comparison to ours. I am not disagreeing with what you wrote as much as discouraging readers from using it as some sort of green light for alcoholic consumption.

There is allot more to this.

Research beyond your article is required to make an educated choice. Did you read the part where I said there are times when its wise to abstain from drinking altogether, giving at least 8 different Scriptural examples of those who have done that? Those are clear examples of non-indulgence. In other words, if someone takes the totality of what I have written and applies it to their lives, drinking and enjoying wine with wisdom, I suppose I would feel quite alright about that since I think that is the overall attitude the Biblical writers take as well.

Of course, if someone only takes part of what I write and then misapplies that part, that would be most unfortunate. I think the link I left to the Kenneth Gentry article covers this issue pretty well. Not only do we find nothing warning us to avoid certain kinds of wines i. There was an intentional aging process, and this was understood to produce a good thing.

Older, more fermented wine was seen as good. Those who insist on binding abstinence from any and all alcohol used a flawed logic.

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Your article does a good job of showing the difference in appropriate and inappropriate use of alcohol. The reasoning of those who bind total abstinence due to the potential dangers and warnings in scripture, which you do reference, should take note of the many warnings the Bible presents regarding sex. Most people misuse sex in our society and the Bible is rife with warnings about the potential evils of sex.

By the reasoning of the teetotalers, all sex should be abstained from because it has broken many homes, is warned heavily against in scripture, and does most people more harm than good. As I said, flawed reasoning. It is an exact parallel. As an alcoholic in recovery, the same wine that destroyed my life you are advocating.

What part of self pleasing is in the Gospel? It was a good move: A year later, a right-wing military dictatorship staged a coup back in Uruguay, holding power until They were not alone in making aliyah during those years of political upheaval.