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Chasse le brigand Bonaparte, O chasseur noir! Jersey, septembre Le ciel et la mer font rage. C'est la saison, c'est l'orage, C'est le climat. Tout prend un hideux langage ; 55 Le roulis parle au tangage, La hune au foc. Ils sont petits, ceux-ci. La terre cache l'or et montre les moissons ; Elle met dans le flanc des fuyantes saisons Le germe des saisons prochaines, Dans l'azur les oiseaux qui chuchotent : aimons! Meurtrie, elle demande aux hommes : A quoi sert Le ravage?

Pourquoi tuer la plaine verte? Comment le croire? Comment se pourrait-il que j'eusse des enfants? La cour du palais. Elle est fille de roi.

Tu n'es pas ici dans ton pays. Si l'on parlait sa langue, on saurait son secret. Je ne lui parle plus. L'horreur ferme sa bouche. Clytemnestre sort. Je suis sans amertume. Descends du char. Grands dieux! Terre et ciel! Apollon Loxias dans l'ombre. L'oiseau chante dans les bois. Les bleuets sont bleus, les roses sont roses, Les bleuets sont bleus, j'aime mes amours. Si je soupire, Chantez, c'est bien.

Un homme semble Souvent trompeur. Mais si je tremble, 15 Belle, ayez peur. His serious work began with a translation of Faust which Goethe admired, and some lyrical fragments of which were used by Berlioz for his great work.

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A book of versions from German poets appeared two years later. About this time a hopeless passion for an actress, Jenny Colon, drove him abroad. He wandered for some years in Italy, Germany, and the Levant ; and this obscure period of a driftless life, if not immediately fertile, seems to contain the secret of his most fortunate inspiration.

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In he became insane, and it is doubtful whether he ever recovered perfectly, though his most productive period dates from that year. It is not quite certain whether he killed himself. Lusignan ou Biron? The by-paths throughout his career attracted him most. He excelled in vers de circonstance, and frittered away much of his talent in compliments.

He spent his last years, appropriately, at Versailles.

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  • His masterly imitation of the Spanish Romancero had a distinct and lasting influence in this direction. Emile Deschamps had a brother, Antony , who was also a poet of some note, and is best known for his translation of the Divine Comedy. But he was also a poet : a little of his verse is exquisite, most of it is very interesting, and the diversity of the lyrical revival would be most inadequately presented without some example of his restless and inquisitive talent.

    Through the editor he met Victor Hugo, and a strong friendship sprang up between them. Meanwhile he emulated the talent of his friends. Joseph Delorme, a book of prose and verse mingled, revealed a poet rather accomplished than spontaneous, a careful craftsman and a curious psychologist. Sainte-Beuve was a man of books and also a man of pleasure. He had many friends and was capable of generous actions ; but he showed himself often jealous and rancorous. His life had no great vicissitudes, but was marked by a certain number of sensational incidents — a duel with his old master Dubois in ; the obscure but at any rate discreditable quarrel with Hugo ; ruptures and reconcilements with this editor and that ; and his political equivoca- tions sometimes gave scandai, as when, having rallied after a Re- publican youth to the ' party of order ' and accepted a professorship from the Empire, he was hooted by the Paris students and compelled to resign his chair.

    Sainte-Beuve has well described the poetry of Joseph Delorme as 1 des peintures d'analyse sentimentale et des paysages de petite dimen- sion. It is the poetry also of a profound sceptic, though we owe Port-Royal to a phase of deep if rather morbid interest in the phenomenon of faith — and to the personal influence of Lamennais. The poetry of Sainte-Beuve was collected into one volume in See, on this subject, M. Il a couru! Buvez, buvez, jeune abeille! Au gazon Que vois-je? Pauvre enfant! C'est l'avenir!

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    Comment l'homme peut-il ainsi tomber? Rousseau and had written novels and books of travel besides ; his old cousin the Marquis de Musset-Cogners, and his mother's father and brother, were ail people of taste and attainments ; — and they were ail eighteenth century people, sceptical, indulgent and polite. His greatest friend through life was his elder brother Paul. Two out of three poems which filled his next volume were written in dramatic form.

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    • Rostand's Romanesques recalls ; and the spirited, if licentious and driftless, story of Namouna has a conquering suppleness of movement. The year brought into the world the most Romantic of Musset's heroes, the sinister and sermonical Jacques Rolla. The unedifying story ends with Mme. Dudevant's return to her home in Berry.

      The next few years were the most fruitful in his life. From this date onwards his production slackened, though it can hardly be said that the quality of his infrequent writing deteriorated ; and there is little more to tell about his life, which was almost divided between a sick-bed and the haunts of deleterious pleasure. Of his relations with Rachel, the Princess Bolgiojoso and other notable women there is no need to speak. He had other friends who clung to him.

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      Allan in and, one after another, won greater popularity than belongs perhaps to any other Romantic dramas. He was elected to the Academy in His death was almost unnoticed. If the rank of Alfred de Musset among the greater French poets of the last century is still uncertain, it is not that his positive merits — of which the chief is certainly the gift of tears — are ever seriously disputed. As an artist he has many obvious disabilities.

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      He is not one of those who lived in the words of Leconte de Lisle in constant communion with the sensible world : imagery is not the very stuff of his style. Composition is a quality which his longer poems scarcely show. After his nonage he openly dissociated himself from the extravagances and even from the glorious conquests of Romanticism.