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Posted by Chalkie on Sunday, Posted by e! Boss your in the hall of fame already for real??? You got to be kidding me Couldnt they induct,gary us bonds,little steven,schlmo heifitz the wondering rabbi,ginzoo aziz,or even southside johnny-a-witz???

The Night Bruce Springsteen Became ‘Rock and Roll Future’

Oh well have fun and give my regards to anyt singles nuns!??? Posted by dan barcan on Thursday, Posted by tinmam on Thursday, Posted by Philip on Sunday, Posted by Dean on Monday, Posted by Roy on Thursday, Posted by Roy on Sunday, Posted by Roy on Tuesday, Obviously he deserves his spot, but I always thought he acted like an ass for stating that "You Jackson Browne wrote the songs they wished they The Eagles had written".

No need to tear down fellow musicians Bruce, I'd argue the Eagles wrote just as many classics as you. Posted by Jim on Tuesday, Posted by Chalkie on Tuesday, Posted by Roy on Saturday, I always appreciate when musicians are candid and honest of there feelings about other groups. And I could not agree more what Bruce said about the eagles.

Understand Eagle fans popular songs they maybe but writing is not as strong and the boss is right on the pulse. Posted by Grant McChesney on Wednesday, Posted by george henrikson on Monday, Springsteen had his share of great songs, but I always found him slightly overrated and overplayed.

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I'm not sure if he really deserves the Hall of Fame. Posted by Luke Madigan on Monday, He lit up our teenage years, and blew life into our dreams of being musicians and performers. The Rolling Stones are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Chuck Berry.

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Chuck Berry was not only a brilliant guitarist, singer and performer, but most importantly, he was a master craftsman as a songwriter. I am so sad to hear about Chuck Berry passing — a big inspiration! He will be missed by everyone who loves Rock 'n Roll. It started with Chuck Berry.

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He inspired us all. Rest In Peace Chuck Berry pic. Heart broken to hear of the passing of Chuck Berry.

Legends of Rock & Roll - Bruce Springsteen

He was undisputedly the king. A moment of silence is idefinitely n order. In music, he cast one of the longest shadows.

Thank You Chuck.