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But then Wesley of all people decides to bring stupid Sooz away to top up her tan. Not to mention Mrs Diane Wood! Still, Shiraz and Carrie are lovin' it, even if money is running out and the only jobs on offer seem to be bog cleaning and bottle washing at the local bar Will, Uma, Carrie and our Shizza have the holiday of a lifetime?

It's all in the diaries, bruv. Read on! Leia mais Leia menos. Compra verificada. I love this book. Shiraz, Uma, Kezia and Carrie go off for a glamarous fortnight in Ibiza, and that is what they get. That's what Uma and Kezia get.

Carrie is desperate to stay in Ibiza, and convinces Shiraz to stay with her. With all of the fun, sun and sea, Shiraz agrees.

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But life changes, when the girls run out of money, luck, and food, and it all ends with Daughter loved it! Makes you want to carry on reading all the way through! The ending I was hoping for!

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Would recommend. I've read the first three too and Just as I thought it couldn't get any better. Best "Chav" yet Shiraz Bailey Wood finds herself stranded in Ibiza with no money. Find out how she gets on in this hilarious read. Magenta Sings the Blues Magenta Orange.

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Very funny, contemporary tweenage comedy.

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The Luxe. Glittering parties, gossip, gorgeous guys, beautiful debutantes, forbidden love, dangerous liaisons, secret affairs and whispered scandals are all here but it all ends in disaster… The next episode, Rumours, is due for publication in Perfect escapism, you'll be powerless to put it down.

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Chavs: The Clash of Social Classes in Urban Britain

Higgins is truly in tune with her tweenage audience producing positive and realistic stories about friends, family and accepting yourself to make you laugh and cry by turns. Fed up with feeling as though she's wearing an invisibility cloak, Charlotte decides to get herself noticed and so far her plot appears to be working. Even choking to death on a gummy bear isn't going to stop her being accepted into the cool clique in this completely original, very funny, stylishly-packaged story about feeling left out, life and death and, ultimately, accepting who you are.

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A life-changing year in the life of year-old Claire and her busy doctor mother is documented here through the notes they leave for each other. Tragically they don't realize their time together is running out. To say any more here would be to spoil what is an immensely powerful and poignant story about not taking our relationships for granted and making time for the people we love most in the world. Sent off to live with her grandmother for the summer, Rain stumbles across her mum's old diary, written when she was 16, the same as Rain, and pregnant with her.

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Rain sets out with Harry to rediscover the places her mum describes and finds herself experiencing many of the same emotions, finally falling in love with the boy redecorating her grandmother's house. A very clever, very readable story of the bonds between mother and daughter, the dawning realisation that your parents are human and that you must make your own life separate from them. Three very different American girls become friends because they've all had the misfortune to meet and fall head over heels in love with the same bad boy in this true-to-life story.

Think of this brilliantly-observed, cleverly-told, quirky story like a gossip with your best friends. You'll laugh and cry along with the characters, then secretly resolve never to make the same mistake yourself! Watch out for an ingenious use of a school library book too…. Kumari: Goddess of Destiny Kumari Trilogy.

Kumari is a young goddess-in-training. Having saved the Hidden Kingdom she now wants to focus all her energies on becoming a proper goddess in this final story but receives a phone call summoning her back to the World Beyond. Although much has changed there her enemies are still watching and there's a chance she can avenge her mother's death - at a price. An addictive blend of comedy, fantasy and adventure with a loveable heroine.

Zoe and Chloe: Out to Lunch. Having foiled the attempt by the Beast to spoil their best friendship, Zoe and Chloe are back, this time planning a trip to Newquay for a caravan holiday of a lifetime. Everything is blissful until the Beast himself turns up… Sparking chicklit for teenagers. Wicked Lovely. Aislinn has always been able to see faeries in the mortal world but now one of them, the King of Faery is stalking her, determined she will be his Summer Queen no matter what, in this fully-imagined, edgy urban faery tale for fans of Holly Black and Stephenie Meyer.

First in an amazing new trilogy.

Fed up with being 'earthshatteringly, tragically normal', living her nice life with her nice parents and nice friends at a nice school in a nice area, Rachel Riley decides to inject some excitement into her life so she can become both tragic and interesting. Split by a Kiss.

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Having moved to America, Jo is desperate to reinvent herself and become part of the cool 'It' crowd - but is much more like the average outsider. The opportunity to join the popular people and win an attractive boyfriend into the bargain arises - but at what price? Plaja cleverly explores Jo's conflicting emotions and split personality in a fun, easy read, bursting with teen angst and identity crises.

Cat is confused. While she is fat and boring her twin sister Tess is blonde and gorgeous, so why would her dad's boss's son, Josh, be immune to her charms and show an interest in plain old Cat instead? Cat thinks she has the answer but sometimes jumping to conclusions can be very dangerous indeed. A startlingly true-to-life insight into what really goes on in teenage girls' heads from a very witty author.

Fruits Basket v The latest in the hugely popular Japanese sho-jo manga series in which the orphan Tohru is taken in by the mysterious wood-dwelling Sohma family who harbour a secret - when hugged by a member of the opposite sex or under stress they turn into their zodiac animal. In this episode Kyo Sohma confesses his role in Tohru's mother's death. Will she still love him now?

A compendium of fascinating facts and stories about women achievers through the ages - the famous and, more interestingly, the not so famous.