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After a few years, the young coach will move on to their own head coaching job where they tend to replicate the same drills, follow similar practice schedules, and even yell at their players in a similar fashion as the coaches they learned from. People tend to emulate their mentors.

Your political or religious beliefs are mostly the result of the system you were raised in. People raised by Catholic families tend to be Catholic. People raised by Muslim families tend to be Muslim. Although you may not agree on every issue, your parents political attitudes tend to shape your political attitudes. The way we approach our day-to-day work and life is largely a result of the system we were trained in and the mentors we had along the way.

At some point, we all learned to think from someone else. That's how knowledge is passed down. What if you simply learned one way of doing things, not the way of doing things? Consider my baseball coaches. Did they actually consider all of the different ways of coaching a team? Or did they simply mimic the methods they had been exposed to? The same could be said of nearly any area in life.

Who is to say that the way you originally learned a skill is the best way? Most people think they are experts in a field, but they are really just experts in a particular style. In this way, we become a slave to our old beliefs without even realizing it. We adopt a philosophy or strategy based on what we have been exposed to without knowing if it's the optimal way to do things. When you are a true beginner, your mind is empty and open.

You're willing to learn and consider all pieces of information, like a child discovering something for the first time. As you develop knowledge and expertise, however, your mind naturally becomes more closed. There is a danger that comes with expertise. We tend to block the information that disagrees with what we learned previously and yield to the information that confirms our current approach.

We think we are learning, but in reality we are steamrolling through information and conversations, waiting until we hear something that matches up with our current philosophy or previous experience, and cherry-picking information to justify our current behaviors and beliefs. Most people don't want new information, they want validating information.

What Is Zen?

The problem is that when you are an expert you actually need to pay more attention, not less. Because when you are already familiar with 98 percent of the information on a topic, you need to listen very carefully to pick up on the remaining 2 percent. Here are a few practical ways to rediscover your beginner's mind and embrace the concept of shoshin.

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Let go of the need to add value. Many people, especially high achievers, have an overwhelming need to provide value to the people around them. On the surface, this sounds like a great thing. But in practice, it can handicap your success because you never have a conversation where you just shut up and listen. Close your eyes and breathe in through the nose slowly, gently and breathe out through the nose slowly after.

Focus on your breath while breathing in and breathing out! Practice for 5 minutes to consciously feel how the air goes in and how it goes out seamlessly.

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A process that we call life. Stay calm. Feel the energy. Feel your own presence in this universe. This is said to be the monarch of all the mantras that are chanted. Begin with inhaling deeply and saying Om while exhaling. When you start chanting Om while exhaling, bring your attention to your navel area and then gradually to your heart and then to your crown. Repeat this throughout the Om Chanting practice. Feel the vibration around you. Now, rub your palms with each other. Smear the warmth of your palms on your eyes.

And then gently all your face.

Zen for Beginners - Alan Watts

Gently open your eyes. Once you embrace, it will enrich your life in many ways. Exactly the way it did it to me. Meditate and find a new meaning to life and existence. Chanting, one of an ancient ways of attaining spirituality. Right from the early days there have been a lot of emphasis that was given to chanting. Chanting any name of God or any affirmation for that matter is said to be one the best ways of meditation, which in turn helps you calm down.

It has also been seen that people who chant regular are more self actualized and much more balanced in their thoughts and behavior. However, there is no set rule for chanting.

This Zen Concept Will Help You Stop Being a Slave to Old Beliefs

You can do the way in which you feel comfortable. Any time of the day, whenever you're in the right set of mind with no disturbances, sit and chant. Here are a few things that you should know about chanting.

Scientists have found a way to create energy from the night sky

What to chant? This is by and large one of the most common questions that is asked by people around. The simple answer to this question is you can chant any name of God that you believe and is comfortable with. In most cases, people choose God of their own religion or a family deity that the family believes in. This helps in fostering not only personal well being but also the entire family.

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How does it affects our mind? It is interesting how repeated chanting helps our mind. Understand the fact that more than our conscious mind, more thoughts and ideas are present in our subconscious mind. These thoughts slowly penetrate our conscious mind, and we act accordingly. Thus, it is imperative that we have more of good thoughts in our subconscious mind. Chanting typically helps in cleansing our subconscious mind. And that in turn helps get good and positive thoughts.

Chanting helps in cleansing our thoughts. Does chanting helps fighting diseases? Yes, regular chanting makes you more aware of your spiritual self. Any disease which actually manifests and shows its sign in the body after a considerable growth, can actually be caught even before that.

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Through chanting, your body and mind becomes one and thus such processes become seamless. It is thus believed that if you chant regularly, even before the onset of a disease physical, mental or psychological , you can know them well ahead and act accordingly. Does chanting helps in physical betterment? When you are stress free, happy, contented and much in control of your own behavior, physically too it will start reflecting.