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When the violence and terror of "ethnic cleansing" against Muslims begins, Irena and her family, brutalized by Serb soldiers, flee for safety across the river that divides the city. If once Irena knew of war only from movies and history books, now she knows its reality. She steals from the dead to buy food.

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She scuttles under windows in her own home to dodge bullets. She risks her life to communicate with an old Serb school friend and teammate. Even Pretty Bird has started to mimic the sizzle of mortar fire.

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In a city starved for work, a former assistant principal offers Irena a vague job, "duties as assigned," which she accepts. She begins by sweeping floors, but soon, under the tutelage of a cast of rogues and heroes, she learns to be a sniper, biding her time, never returning to the same perch, and searching her targets for the "mist" that marks a successful shot.

Pretty Birds: A Novel

Ultimately, Irena's new vocation will lead to complex and cataclysmic consequences for herself and those she loves. Pretty Birds is a bold departure, and the auspicious beginning of yet another brilliant career for its author. Irena Zaric put her last stick of gum in her mouth, winked at a bird, and wondered where to put her last bullet before going home.

Sometimes she conferred with the pigeons that flocked along her arms. What's going on over there? The grim sky was beginning to open into a briny blue. The first winds of the day from the hills blew in with a bite of sun and a smell of snow. After a long night alone in the city's rafters, Irena was consoled by the swish of the pigeons.

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They reassured her: she wasn't the only one left in town. The birds were tired and, she imagined, cranky from hunting for tree Scott Simon, through his first hand experience of the Seige of Sarajevo, brings the people and the events to life in this extremely strong first novel. I recommend it to all adults, and also for older teens Full Review words. But for Simon, writing a novel completes a circle, one that began as a high school infatuation with the works of Norman Mailer and James Agee but that turned into a journalism career in which he has won nearly every major radio award.

But he felt a novel would provide a better vehicle for exploring the lives of people under a sanity-threatening siege in which waiting for water was a gamble on whether you could reach the head of the line before a mortar shell fell.

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And to be sure, I wanted to create a challenge. There are few accomplishments I admire more than a good novel, and I wanted to see if I could write one. Early reviewers think he has. Simon is talking about the book from a rather exposed position on the top floor of an Old Town Pasadena parking ramp, awaiting a photographer delayed by the vagaries of a Los Angeles afternoon.

But there is more going on behind the thick brick walls than beer making, and Irena becomes trained as a sniper. It is the absence of outside action, and Simon says it altered his view of the world. The most compassionate thing we can do is to interrupt these habits.

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