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After careful consideration of your proposal , I regret to say that we are unable to accept it. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Linguists do regret the lack of training that pupils have in such basic grammatical terminology and analysis. From Cambridge English Corpus. Based on our review of the literature, we identified seven apology terms sorry, apologize, excuse, pardon, regret , afraid, forgive.

Examples of “regret”

The first author regrets that further joint work promised in the paper will not now be carried out. He thoroughly disavowed every thing of the sort, and regretted that it was ever surmised that such were their motives. The disappearance of such a masterpiece gave me no feelings of regret , but on the contrary a sense of long-desired emancipation. To our surprise and regret , many of the commentaries on our target article focused on the inadequacy of our alternative hypothesis.

She herself came to regret the volume, but could not shake off the lingering aura of its success. The author relies totally on official documentation and expresses regrets that no one has recorded the reminiscences of the colonized p. One might regret that social categories are still studied as rigid structures rather than flexible ones. To my mind this has not really happened in this book, which is to be regretted because the project is exceptionally worthwhile. The world constantly renews itself, and when you look at it that way, regret and nostalgia seem equally futile.

Such regrets provide the preamble for the novel's principal theme: unrequited love. Logistic regression is used to identify the factors that are significantly associated with regret and also to calculate the odds ratios. Once these questions are put, regret may be studied and understood rather than simply postulated on the basis of introspection. I will never forget him and I love him.

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The most horrible feeling in the world. You can vent anger, control lust, own up for guilt, but you just cannot undo what you've been regretting. Regret is that full time shadow with no limitation of day, light, time, or person. Other than those who just choose to forget, of course, but you can't forget when it's screaming at you in the face every time you feel a smile or a laugh rumbling up your throat.

Regret can make you wan to tear your hair out and slice your arteries into slivers of defunct tissue; it can give you self-esteem issues and take away concentration; it can ruin relationships and make you say 'FML' 24x7. I regret being born to such loving parents because I am not 0. I regret being born at all. The world would have been a better place and all those poor starving babies in third world African countries could have consumed the food that's been wasted on me all my life. Little homeless orphans around the globe could have had my loving parents, poor things. The money spent on my education could have been utilized on the education of those children in developing nations who work as child labourers 18 hours a day.

I regret not being able to do anything about the fact that I was born in the first place. I regret being born. A feeling you get when you wish you hadn't don't something a mixture of sadness and guilt. My friend said he's stronger than me so I told him I could handle more pain and dared him to attack me He punched me in the stomach so I leaned over forward slightly holding my stomach gasping for air the he kicked me in the balls I began to regret what I said as I doubled over in pain. Rapour The second characteristic component of regret is a sense of bewilderment.

So the other thing I thought about there in my bedroom that night was, "How could I have done that?

You wouldn’t do it again, but does that have to mean you’re sorry it happened?

What was I thinking? We can't identify with that part. We don't understand that part. And we certainly don't have any empathy for that part — which explains the third consistent component of regret, which is an intense desire to punish ourselves.

That's why, in the face of our regret, the thing we consistently say is, "I could have kicked myself. To perseverate means to focus obsessively and repeatedly on the exact same thing. Now the effect of perseveration is to basically take these first three components of regret and put them on an infinite loop. So it's not that I sat there in my bedroom that night, thinking, "Make it go away. Make it go away. But I want to suggest that there's also a fifth one. And I think of this as a kind of existential wake-up call.

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That night in my apartment, after I got done kicking myself and so forth, I lay in bed for a long time, and I thought about skin grafts. And then I thought about how, much as travel insurance doesn't cover acts of God, probably my health insurance did not cover acts of idiocy. In point of fact, no insurance covers acts of idiocy.

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The whole point of acts of idiocy is that they leave you totally uninsured; they leave you exposed to the world and exposed to your own vulnerability and fallibility in face of, frankly, a fairly indifferent universe. This is obviously an incredibly painful experience. And I think it's particularly painful for us now in the West in the grips of what I sometimes think of as a Control-Z culture — Control-Z like the computer command, undo.

We're incredibly used to not having to face life's hard realities, in a certain sense. We think we can throw money at the problem or throw technology at the problem — we can undo and unfriend and unfollow. And the problem is that there are certain things that happen in life that we desperately want to change and we cannot. Sometimes instead of Control-Z, we actually have zero control. And for those of us who are control freaks and perfectionists — and I know where of I speak — this is really hard, because we want to do everything ourselves and we want to do it right.

Now there is a case to be made that control freaks and perfectionists should not get tattoos, and I'm going to return to that point in a few minutes. But first I want to say that the intensity and persistence with which we experience these emotional components of regret is obviously going to vary depending on the specific thing that we're feeling regretful about. So for instance, here's one of my favorite automatic generators of regret in modern life.

Laughter Text: Relpy to all. And the amazing thing about this really insidious technological innovation is that even just with this one thing, we can experience a huge range of regret. You can accidentally hit "reply all" to an email and torpedo a relationship. Or you can just have an incredibly embarrassing day at work. Or you can have your last day at work. And this doesn't even touch on the really profound regrets of a life.

Because of course, sometimes we do make decisions that have irrevocable and terrible consequences, either for our own or for other people's health and happiness and livelihoods, and in the very worst case scenario, even their lives. Now obviously, those kinds of regrets are incredibly piercing and enduring. I mean, even the stupid "reply all" regrets can leave us in a fit of excruciating agony for days.

So how are we supposed to live with this?

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  • I want to suggest that there's three things that help us to make our peace with regret. And the first of these is to take some comfort in its universality. If you Google regret and tattoo, you will get Laughter The FDA estimates that of all the Americans who have tattoos, 17 percent of us regret getting them.

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    That is Johnny Depp and me and our seven million friends. And that's just regret about tattoos. We are all in this together. The second way that we can help make our peace with regret is to laugh at ourselves. Now in my case, this really wasn't a problem, because it's actually very easy to laugh at yourself when you're 29 years old and you want your mommy because you don't like your new tattoo.

    But it might seem like a kind of cruel or glib suggestion when it comes to these more profound regrets. I don't think that's the case though. All of us who've experienced regret that contains real pain and real grief understand that humor and even black humor plays a crucial role in helping us survive. It connects the poles of our lives back together, the positive and the negative, and it sends a little current of life back into us.

    The third way that I think we can help make our peace with regret is through the passage of time, which, as we know, heals all wounds — except for tattoos, which are permanent. So it's been several years since I got my own tattoo.