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  1. be the bride or intimacy with the bridegroom | Bride | Wedding.
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Email Subscriptions. More Sites Today is Tue. Jewish Practice. Audio Explore Kabbalistic wisdom on men, women, and marriage and examine the mystical energies of love, relationships, male, female, intimacy, and giving and receiving.

Cultivating the Oil of Intimacy with the Bridegroom God Pt. 1 - Passion for Jesus

Learn the deepest secrets of the cosmos and how they apply to our most physical of human relationships. Listen Download. Masculine and feminine energies exist throughout all strata of creation, within each layered dimension.

And it is the union of these two energies that produces subsequent planes of existence. In this lesson we explore the sublime parameters of masculine and feminine energy, chart their unions, and derive practical life-wisdom to apply to our physical, human relationships.

be the bride or intimacy with the bridegroom | Bride | Wedding

In the mystical tradition, joy is considered to be one of the most potent forces in existence. Joy has the ability to unlock stores of treasure, and break all barriers. In this lesson we look at the role joy plays both in our relationships and in our day-to-day labors. Relationships imply connection. The Jewish mystics describe a formula whereby the deepest of connections is forged through a seemingly shallow connection. But when seen through a larger lens, it is the smaller stuff that so often leads to the bigger stuff.

The Wedding Night: Embracing Sexual Intimacy as a New Bride

In this lesson we explore Kabbalistic wisdom on breaking the ice and creating positive first impressions. Nothing breaks the ice like a good joke. Humor cuts through tension and brings people together in a uniquely powerful way. In this lesson we explore the "Kabbalah of Comedy. Children are the mark of innocence: pure, uncorrupted, and unjaded.

There's a special bond that exists between a parent and a young child. A parent treasures the opportunities to connect with a pure soul, a snapshot of heaven. Examine the way parents interact with small children, say the Kabbalistis, and you will get a glimpse of the inner workings of the universe. The Torah uses a very unusual expression when it comes to the human soul. September 5, by Devon Radford. If we are the church, then we are the bride, and Jesus is the bridegroom. When we understand that Jesus looks on us as His bride, employing the image of a veil starts to make sense.

It keeps her from seeing him fully as he is. Likewise, the groom is hidden from the bride. What immediately precedes us giving ourselves to Jesus is Him lifting the veil from our eyes so that we can see Him clearly, in full glory. This is the beginning of intimacy, an unveiled pursuit of knowing and loving God while being fully known and fully loved by Him.

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We are a self-preserving people, meaning we like to protect ourselves, especially the deepest parts of ourselves, from getting into the wrong hands. Therefore, we will sometimes pull the veil back down over our own eyes, hiding away the deepest parts of ourselves instead of letting God in. If we would only allow Jesus access to our hearts, we would see that He is actually the most worthy of our trust, and everything we would want to hide from Him would be met by perfect love.

James tells us that if we draw near to God, He will draw near to us. It is His natural response to be close to His people when we seek Him.

We never have to worry about being abandoned by God; He will always meet us in our pursuit of Him.