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Jan 04, ISBN A cornerstone book on mystical theology, Interior Castle describes the seven stages of union with God. Using everyday language to explain difficult theological concepts, Teresa of Avila compares the contemplative life to a castle with seven chambers.

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Tracing the passage of the soul through each successive chamber, she draws a powerful picture of the path toward spiritual perfection. One of the most celebrated works on mystical theology in existence, as timely today as when St.

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  • Teresa of Avila wrote it centuries ago, this is a treasury of unforgettable maxims on self-knowledge and fulfillment. Teresa of Jesus, was a Spanish nun and one of the great mystics and religious women of the Roman Catholic Church. Read An Excerpt.

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    Some scholars compared the seven mansions to the seven chakras in Hindu culture. Teresa's mystical experiences have inspired several authors in modern times, but not necessarily from Teresa's Christian theological perspective.

    Introduction St. Teresa of Avila's "Interior Castle"

    Teresa as "that most mystical of Catholic figures" and alludes to St. Teresa's Interior Castle as the "mansions of her being" and her journey as one of "divine meditative bliss".

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    Gilbert was raised a Protestant Christian, but her book describes her path to God through yoga. Teresa's Interior Castle , but still has a New Age approach to mysticism. Teresa also inspired American author R. Brooke Fraser 's song "Orphans, Kingdoms" was inspired by St.

    Teresa's Interior Castle. Teresa's Interior Castle when recounting the religious experience of Mitchell Grammaticus, one of the main characters of the book. Teresa's Interior Castle in the album's title as well as in the first track.

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    If you realize your pitiable condition, how can you refrain from trying to remove the darkness from the crystal of your souls? Remember, if death should take you now, you would never again enjoy the light of this Sun. In Mark Williamson's "ONE: a memoir" , the metaphor of the Interior Castle is used to describe an inner world of introspective reflection on past events, a "memory loci" based on the ancient system of recall for rhetorical purposes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    The Interior Castle Summary & Study Guide

    The Interior Castle Author St. People by era or century. Desert Fathers. Contemporary papal views.

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      She wrote this last work in just a few months in , five years before her death. At this point in her life she had been granted the highest mystical graces; this book is the fruit of her lived experience and a deep-felt praise of God for it. More than a book, The Interior Castle is a powerful image of the mystery of the human person. Reading the works of Teresa herself is indispensable. The book presents a chapter of The Interior Castle itself, followed by a review of the development of her thought and the principal ideas in each chapter. Terms and conditions apply.

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