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The Theory of the Parent-Infant Relationship. Hate in the Counter-Transference. Klein, M. Notes on Some Schizoid Mechanisms. Joseph, B. Transference: The Total Situation. Benjamin, J. Psychoanal Q. Bion, W. Attacks on Linking.

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Fear of Breakdown. The Psycho-Analytic Study of Thinking. Sander, L. Nahum, J. Harrison, A. Lyons-Ruth, K. Morgan, A. Bruschweiler-Stern, N. Tronick, E. Baranger, M. Baranger, W.

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The Analytic Situation as a Dynamic Field. Ogden, T. Bick, E. The Language of Psycho-Analysis. Clinical Lectures on Klein and Bion. Freud's Self-Analysis.

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Experiences in Groups And Other Papers. Learning from Experience. Elements of Psycho-Analysis. Attention and Interpretation. Beyond Words: Interpretive Art Therapy. Attachment and Loss: Volume I: Attachment. Conflict and Compromise: Therapeutic Implications. The Psychology and Treatment of Addictive Behavior.

Psychoanalytic Studies of the Personality. First Contributions to Psycho-Analysis. Psychoanalysis and the War Neuroses. Letters of Sigmund Freud The Meaning of Illness. Thinking about lnfants and Young Children. Your Teenager. Ego Psychology and the Problem of Adaptation. Psychic Equilibrium and Psychic Change. The Freud-Klein Controversies The Psycho-Analysis of Children. Narrative of a Child Analysis. Envy and Gratitude and Other Works The Therapeutic Alliance. Thinking, Feeling, and Being.

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The Psycho-analytical Process. Sexual States of Mind. The Kleinian Development. Explorations in Autism. African Studies M.

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