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Non c’era la declinazione del verbo inglese

An interdisciplinary approach especially with social sciences but not limited to them is also encouraged. The presentations may include but are not limited to the following topics through any theoretical approach:. University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Translanguaging in Italian language pedagogy. Multilingualism brings about a number of positive linguistic, cognitive, and social advantages to students and people with a diverse linguistic and cultural background Cenoz and Gorter, The pedagogical implication that derives from this is that we should recognize, accept, and reinforce the link between languages and create softer boundaries between them.

One of the names coined to define such a practice is translanguaging Cenoz and Gorter, Originality and creativity are typical characteristics of translanguaging. Users of different languages naturally resort to their entire language repertoire. Holistic language knowledge and metalinguistic awareness are familiar realities to them and should be the guidelines of reference when organizing pedagogical activities in class. This session welcomes research experiences that address the concept of translanguaging in Italian language pedagogy.

Please send the abstract of your paper words along with a brief bio to gsalvato uwindsor. Il pannello si propone di esplorare gli aspetti letterari e musicali della produzione del cantautore genovese. Prendendo in considerazione il contesto musicale e culturale degli anni '60, '70 '80 e '90, questa sessione si propone di esplorare i diversi aspetti dell'opera del cantautore, la sua importanza nel panorama musicale, letterario e culturale italiano. Inviate entro il 21 febbraio un sunto di parole a Francesco Ciabattoni a fc georgetown.

The goal is to contribute to define possible academic approaches to this rich field of interdisciplinary scholarship and to begin to provide background, perspective and commentaries in English or Italian on the repertory of Italian cantautori. Send word abstracts to fc georgetown.

Lo Stato Sociale - Una Vita In Vacanza (Sanremo 2018)

A Multidisciplinary Panel. From nuclear deterrence to Gamblers Anonymous support groups, play and games have permeated aspects as disparate as economics, political strategy, philosophy, education, esoterica, etc. Games are often sublimations of violence and power struggles e. Games may also relate to courtship and sexuality, upsetting gender roles between antagonists. Toys are also symbolically charged objects: they may remind of a traumatic childhood, sexual innuendoes, social differences, evoke a suspended state between life and death, reconcile humans with their physicality, and so forth.

A universal form of behaviour among human and non-human animals, game and play are moments of initiation to a competitive life, but they are also expression of equality, suppression of distances, re-direction of violent instincts, harmony with the human and more-than-human agencies. This panel invites contributions on game, toys, play and gambling in Italian culture from a variety of disciplines, including, but not limited to:. Please send a word proposal and a word biography to the following email addresses:.

Dr Samuele Grassi: samuele. Dr Luigi Gussago: lgussago3 gmail. Luigi Gussago, Dr. Samuele Grassi. Ius linguae : Transcultural Literature in Contemporary Italy. This panel will address the multiple implications of transcultural writing in Italian, broadly understood as writing that crosses cultures and acknowledges the mutually transformative power of cultures—an orientation that is acquiring increasing importance in the Italian literary context, as the country is increasingly affected by the cultural flows spawned by global mobility.

Relevant approaches range from the discussion of overarching theoretical questions to close analysis of specific texts.

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Pertinent topics also include translation as a means of cultural mediation, and transcultural literature as a pedagogical tool. Please submit a words abstract in Italian or English , a brief bio-blurb, and requests for audio-visual equipment to Cinzia Blum cinzia-blum uiowa.


The Future of Italian Studies. Graduate students and junior colleagues grapple with an increasingly bleak job market. We cannot deny that our profession is undergoing a crisis, yet there remain reasons to be hopeful. For example, some language programs have maintained or increased their enrollment, defying the national trend. Students continue to flock to Italy as one of the top study abroad destinations.

This session welcomes contributions providing constructive responses to the current state of Italian Studies. Which initiatives and innovations could pave the way to a brighter future for Italian Studies?

What is Life All About? Wealth, work, reputation and honor, family, religious belief, love, children, entertainment: How did men and women in Medieval and Early Modern Italy make their lives fulfilling and worth living? What provided lives meaning according to the contemporary cultural conventions, moral beliefs, and philosophical doctrines?

To what extent were people able to give voice to personal aspirations, in order to mold their existences, despite their social identity, relationships, and cultural background? This interdisciplinary session aims at exploring some of the ways in which men and women led fulfilling lives. All perspectives on the topic are welcome. Italian Cinema in the Era of MeToo. Hailed in the U.

While there is a certain lamentable universality to the forms taken by this kind of masculinist incorporation or recuperation of the feminine, on the one hand, or its oppression or negation, on the other, the situation in the Italian cultural context is arguably even more acute than elsewhere.

Non c’era la declinazione del verbo inglese

The panel focus is not limited to contemporary Italian film, and historically informed comparisons of older and more recent films are encouraged. Foreign Bodies: Italian Cinematic Mobilities. In the course of the past two decades, a renewed interest in Italian mobilities has generated a number of compelling volumes intersecting with cinema studies Restivo ; Mc Donald Carolan, ; Fullwood , sports Foot , identity politics Ben-Ghiat and Hom, , infrastructure history Moraglio , and cultural studies Fiore, — just to name a few.

We seek theoretically ambitious papers that wish to investigate the processes activated by mobile subjects from a variety of vantage points. Various avenues of inquiry are welcome, such as papers that focus on:. We also encourage reflections on the state of affairs of Mobility Studies in the Italian context, preferably if anchored to embodied mobilities.

Panelists can expand on the fields listed above and more, including Transnationalism, Globalization, Postcolonialism, and Media Theory at large. Please submit proposals words max accompanied by a short bio words max via email to alberto.

Mondo Diverso Identico by Joseph Hall

Contemporary Writing by Italian-Canadian Women. This session invites proposals for academic papers on recent works by Canadian women of Italian heritage. Academics, researchers and graduate students from all disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals in Italian, English or French. Papers from multidisciplinary perspectives are welcome. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:. For academic papers 20 minutes , please send a word abstract and short biographical note 60 words.

Preference will be given to papers that discuss new works. Honorary Fellow, University of Hull. Un coacervo di significati da perlustrare e districare. La trasmissione culturale durante il Ventennio. La sezione intende tratteggiare i vari momenti, personaggi e correnti del mondo della cultura durante il Ventennio sotto un profilo interdisciplinare.

La cultura e la scienza italiana godevano, in particolare fino al anche di un certo riconoscimento internazionale.

Sono da considerare la produzione intellettuale e artistica, le istituzioni e le organizzazioni in rapporto a quelle internazionali. Oltre alla produzione culturale, letteraria, teatrale, ecc.

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Session Description words minimum, words maximum : As the world turns increasingly multicultural and interconnected, studying abroad has become a consolidated academic practice among colleges and universities and a highly sought-after opportunity by north American students.

Being a global citizen is presented to undergraduate students as a 21st century skill to acquire not only to address the need for graduates to be competitive in a global workplace, but also as a way for them to develop and practice soft skills such as communication, ability to work with others, problem-solving, adaptability, flexibility, independence, open-mindedness, motivation, and selfawareness.

In addition, students are encouraged to create connections with people, make a difference in the local community, and take a step further to try and bridge the cultural gap that too often prevents them from really immersing themselves in the host culture. To this end, volunteering and community engagement work have nowadays become a regular offering among Italy-based programs welcoming international students. How can meaningful volunteer service stimulate intercultural growth? How can we work with community partners and create a long-lasting dialogue and collaboration? This panel will bring academics and study-abroad professionals together and will create a forum for sharing and discussing the benefits, challenges, and best practices of volunteering and community engagement opportunities in Italy today.

Sapore di sale

Se nel Simone de Beauvoir considerava il lavoro come un imprescindibile elemento di indipendenza e autodeterminazione della donna, oggi questa fiducia lascia spazio a numerosi dubbi. Si prega di inviare un abstract in italiano, in francese o inglese di non oltre parole a Carlo Baghetti carlo. Ventura, Voci di donne al lavoro. Lessico e competenza lessicale in italiano L2. Considerato il quadro sinteticamente delineato, la sessione accoglie contributi che vertano sulla descrizione della competenza lessicale di apprendenti di italiano L2 e sulle azioni messe in atto in vari contesti per promuovere lo sviluppo di tale competenza.

In particolare, saranno vagliate proposte sui seguenti temi:. Inviare un abstract di parole e una biografia di 50 parole al seguente indirizzo. Ricordando Clara Sereni Irony is one of the most debated terms in academic theory, difficult to read in its multifacetedness and ambivalence. Directly or indirectly, many critical appraisals are informed by an evaluation of irony as a diffracted authorial intention or coded underlying meaning. The more it is explicitly foregrounded and thematised, displayed in an ambivalent and self-reflexive language, the more the question as to its ultimate significance becomes pressing.