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What They Saw in America

If the pot melts, America, as we know it, will cease to exist. And yet the pot must not become so strong that it appears to be made of totalitarium, that most terrible of modern metals. If the melting-pot is reforged in this particularly mean and Machiavellian metal it will cease to be a land of the free and will become a home of the slave. Chesterton understood the dangers of totalitarianism and always argued that big problems are not best solved by big government. Indeed, he argued on many occasions that most of the big problems are caused by big government.

His first novel, The Napoleon of Notting Hill , was a parable whose very purpose was to serve as a cautionary tale warning against the dangers and encroachments of big government and the imperialism to which it leads. It is a slander on America to call it a land of skyscrapers. It is a gross injustice to Americans to suppose that most of them live in large hotels.

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As an admirer of The Lord of the Rings , I find it impossible to read this passage without picturing the American heartland as one never ending Shire, from sea to shining sea, populated by happy and amiable hobbits who are only dimly aware of the Dark Towers of New York or Los Angeles in which real-life Saurons and Sarumans are served by rootless proletarian orcs.

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Like Verizon Media, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests. Learn more about how Verizon Media collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data. From a reception side chat, to a fully sanctioned speech, to a sermon at the central mosque, the clerics conveyed a single message: we told you so. We told you the Americans could not be trusted. what i saw in america scholar s choice edition by g k chesterton paperback

We told you not to listen to those in Iran who sought moderation. Regime change? Russia and China are teed up as the good guys. Europe is wandering around circa pre-Iraq invasion In the streets of Mashhad, there seemed no way forward. But me, I was at the airport again.

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Turkish Airlines had lost my luggage, and along with a new German friend I had met at the hotel and an Iranian translator, I had a mission: find my suitcase. I lost the first round of negotiations after finding that Turkish Airlines had no ground staff in Mashhad. I was going to have to do this with the Iranians. First stop was the wrong terminal.

Most of the lights were out, but there was plenty of parking so we tried there.

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In fact, the airport was surrounded by miles of parking lots, enough to accommodate thousands of cars but mostly filled with puddles from afternoon showers. The terminal doors were unlocked but no one was inside absent a handful of locals who might have arrived and missed their rides, or were waiting for another day, or perhaps just lived there.

Decouple the problems, be practical, got it. Unburdened by luggage, of course, we cut across a field and yet another parking lot. A woman at an information counter, after reacting as though no one had ever asked her for information before, directed our inquiry down several flights of stairs.